Fates of Change

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Chapter 22: The Blue

Darv: We can use…..

Zen: Use what?

Darv: A Gun.

Elder Avintus: Ha ha ha ha ha. Brilliant. Just Brilliant.

Zen: Does it look like I want to be your experiment?

Darv: Don’t worry Zen, Ill use the little bit of Adamantium left to launch you in it. Elder hear will cast a magic which will nullify any damage to you within the Adamantium. He should also be able to cast propulsion magic to further propel you.

Elder Avintus: Since you have those top-notch skills you should be able to destroy the indestructible alloy of Adamantium and by the time you reach the Adamantium layer the bullet which would enclose you will be able to hopefully slowly stop by that time other wise you will be squashed like a bug on impact. Or you can descend physically through mine and take several months to reach the layer and even then your safety is not assured.

Darv: So you want to give it a try?

Zen: Eh why not.

Darv: Great Ill gets started on making the bullet.

Elder Avintus: Ill go take… I meant ask for the gun.

Darv: It will take us 1 day so chill for a bit.

I went and met up with Amelia she wore a completely shocked face and right after we spent the day together I went back to the Forge.

Elder Avintus: Ok we are ready. Are you?

Zen: Yes I am ready.

Darv: We did a minor adjustment to the bullet. The rear end can be opened like a latch and the rear latch has a magic circle on it and if you apply your Mana in to the circle you will be able to steer this small bullet and propel it at your will. Unfortunately I don’t know if you can use it to slow down the bullet.

Zen: I am keeping this bullet just to let you know.

Elder Avintus: It is a rare experiment and sure you can keep that bullet.

Darv: Once you get in you need to close the hatch from the inside since I made it so that it can’t be opened from the outside or closed. So here it is.

He showed me a bullet that was as thick as a thumb and I was as skinny as a pinky. Naturally it was barely able to contain me with just a few millimeters around me for breathing space. Next I noticed, the elder was holding the gun.

Zen: How does the gun work?

Elder Avintus: Ones magic power is used to propel the projectile. If you infuse sufficient Mana or all of your Mana in to the shot it will determine the speed you travel. The material used will have to be sufficiently sturdy to withstand ones power or else it can blow up in your face.

Zen: So that’s why your using Adamantium?

Elder Avintus: I might not be physically strong but Mana wise. I can tell you that only Adamantium can withstand my power. Yes it a thin bullet but it can still withstand my power.

The Gun it self was like one of the older bigger barrel gun almost like a shotgun. Except it had many magic circles and different little apparatuses installed all over the weapon. I bet it was also made out of Katonium or Adamantium level metal.

Zen: So where can I get a similar gun made for me?

Elder Avintus: Darv can make the shell of the Gun but as for the other part involved it would take 3 stairwells to completely refine one and so its hard to make even one of these weapons. I have one more thing to tell you. The bullet shell will get extremely hot it might even roast you inside. So I have prepared several potions that will completely restore you to 100% peak condition I have even shrunk them to suit your size.

He gave me 10 potions that I transferred to the void. I had set up a transfer circle within the void and thus I could use it to heal my body when it became charred like last time.

I am ready lets do this.

We flew to the digging apparatus, which was digging, and building 25 miles per day. It was going to take several years but it was a really fast digging and building machine. It even made hatches every 100 meters and installed magic circle on them. I was totally impressed by how much it has already dug since I came back 1 day ago. We were at 30 miles deep.

Elder Avintus: Ok Zen. In you go. Darv I will count to 3 and fire when I say 2 shut down the machine and after I shoot you turn it back on immediately.

Darv: Got it and ready.

I got in the bullet, activated my Spirit Blessing and closed the hatch before anything else happened I chose to enter the void.


20 hours left.


I got ready to enter the extreme cold chrysalis that I recreated because the last one melted away and in its place the blizzard still raged on. The Elder had warned me about the heat that I was going to experience even though I had over 10k affinity with fire.


Clock Terminated due to your other body passing out.


Guess the impact from launching me did sent me unconscious. At that moment I noticed my skin immediately shot up and burn like crazy I hurriedly while struggling got inside the Extreme cold chrysalis. While within it I noticed that the chrysalis began to melt. Hence I concentrated while inside to move the chrysalis along with me to move in to the blizzard. The cold that developed within the blizzard was much more extreme since I left it run wild since last time. The chrysalis immediately froze back up and my skin cooled down and I was slightly colder then expected.

3 hours later.


Clock Resumed 19:55


Zen: Exit Void

I exited the void to check the status of the other side.

While regaining consciousness I noticed the bullet I was in was pink in color and my skin had been burnt and starting to heal. My skin was radiating with extreme cold was cooling the bullets inside but as soon as the cold touched the bullet itself the cold dispersed.

I pulled up the schematics and noticed I was going 1760 miles per hour. I had already travelled over 5000 miles and around 80,000 miles to go. The Adamantium level was about 15,000 miles it self. I was goanna dig it but I was going to transfer it to the void since I had no storage transfers left in the forge. I did have the lava transfer marker in the tunnel I was traveling through but left it as backup.

I applied all of my Mana while wearing the robe that I inherited from my mother. So the bullet sped up and was not traveling 2254 miles per hour. I calculated that every hour it slowed down by about 250 miles in hour. I had around 40 hours to go give or take. So what was I supposed to do in the mean time?

Zen: Enter Void.


19:54 Remaining


So I began experimenting while sitting within the chrysalis. I assumed a meditating position and started to concentrate on my surroundings. It was almost like a natural feeling that all of a sudden I noticed that in my mind I could see everything within the void. It was huge I could see the entire property.

Void: Seems like you discovered another part of the void and I can tell you now a few more things you need to know. You can build your void space using this method. It’s actually a very good method to protect your soul.

Zen: What do you mean protect my soul?

Void: There is only one true way to kill a person and that is to kill their soul. Even though the world you are in now only has a few people capable to due a soul attack but if they find you as a threat they might want to kill you and the way to be sure someone is dead is to destroy their soul.

Zen: How do I protect it then? From these so-called soul attacks and what do these soul attacks look like?

Void: They are all different. Some soul attacks are a combination of physical attack with the soul aspect to disguise or it can be in form of a sound. You can erect a barrier with your elements to weaken the soul attack within this space.

Zen: Oh so I can build layers upon layers of different affinities/ elements around me in order to destroy an attack aimed at a soul.

Void: Yes. That is one way. However if a soul attack is strong enough no matter how many miles of protection you put up it will destroy the soul. Hence it is best to find a combination of affinities that work well together. Example of one is lava. Thus combining the two affinities of Earth and Fire to make lava is better then separate layers of Fire and Earth.

Zen: I see. So if one were able to achieve of making a nova around one self then it would be one of the best ways to protect oneself.

Void: Yes that is so. Just making a nova a sustainable nova is so hard that you should not dream of such things for now.

At that moment a though came to my head. If blue lava is so extraordinary that even the Elder can’t recreate it. What if I suck it in to this space and form that barrier around me? I wasn’t going to tell the void of this idea.

Zen: I am curious what elements can I control within my space?

Void: As long as it’s within your space you can control any element except the soul attacks. They can also take the form of mist that will eat away at you so its best to make a spherical protection or you could even wear the armor you somehow teleported in.

Zen: Amazing. I will get started immediately.

Void: Good luck.

I left the void quickly and further propelled the bullet with Mana and then came back in the Void.


19:00 Remaining


10 million miles

Thus I took the meditative stance once again and focus on the area around me.

I had begun to build an earthen sphere around my position I was working hard in compressing it as much as I could and then applied fire to it and it only got hot and even lava did come out from it.

Hence I tried another approach build a huge flame nearly 10000 miles away from my position. Made wind blow at it and the flame got even whiter with a hint of white in the middle of the flame then summoned earth element and floated in to the center the heat made it melt and thus I began adding more and more. Even though I could summon the lava from the planet I didn’t know if it was better of not. Since I needed to come up with a way to sustain the lavas temperature either way this way I was able to experiment with the elements. It seemed the basic elements once summoned did not need to be sustained since my affinity with them was incredible already thus I began to make a lava lake. Once I programmed in my mind that the earth element pass through the fire it would melt and keep on summoning it. Hence I placed more of these furnace types all around me

Every 1000 miles stood a furnace until it completely surrounded me. Now I had a layer where the lava moved from one furnace to the next being melted and reheated and thus always maintaining its heat and continuing to get bigger and bigger. My time was about up but adding one last element to the path of the lava which was wind that not only help maintain the heat but also propelled the lava faster from each furnace to the next. I was amazed that I was able to do so much within those 19 hours.

Seems like once I learn something I remember how to do it and when I imagine it. It is immediately manifest at the place I want to place it, truly and amazing world/ void space.




Zen: Exit Void.

I was back within my little bullet I had been coming and going between the void and this place maintaining the speed of the bullet. I had roughly 20 hours to go. So what was I going to do? Guess nothing.

Stupak: Kaidlkdik Killakdnk dkduakkm dhuaakd kdiauadbjke dgagyddd hdiyayds ahaydahd.

Zen: Oh hey seems Stupak finally decided to join me.

Stupak: dkadifadkfa dfadfdasfdf df adgnk fie trewer mmndagfoj

Zen: Hey come down. I didn’t abandon you and stop making weird noises. I know I am quite tiny at the moment. So what?

Stupak: adfadf nrtnyrtny nfgdbfb faccadscads eqrqwer

Zen: I have no idea what your talking about.

Stupak:…… …….

Zen: Don’t worry I wont leave you behind.

A cheery sound resounded.


In an instance a small purple pulsing ball appeared in front of my face. Was I supposed to eat it? Hence I opened my mouth and it dropped in my mouth.

A very apologetic sound resounded.

Stupak: Dnklskpppooodd dkuerteer.

As soon as I heard that I felt a burning sensation appear in my body I could not move or nothing of the sort I felt as if my insides were being burnt to a crisp. Before I passed out I drank one of the potions and then I passed out.

Back in the void I still felt the insides burning violently hence made a similar shape like pill from the extreme cold ice around me and swallowed it. Perhaps that will counter act the burning.

The extreme cold Ice pill was too affective. It began freezing my insides thus I hurried out of the chrysalis and when I did that my skin once again began to burn while my insides where still frozen.

Ok the pain I felt was worse then the fire pill I just swallowed and what was that pill anyway. I hence floated and stood outside of the chrysalis, which cooled me down but left the heat the ability to spread around my body once again.

Several hours later the insides were unfrozen and I was back in the chrysalis. I now was brought back from my unconscious state the bullet slowed down more then I though and thus I applied all of my Mana once again to propel it once again.

After that was done another pill shined in front of my head and this one was a bit more whiter then the last one. I waited and re-activated my Spirit Blessing and swallowed the pill. I again passed out from the extreme burning sensation and did not use another potion. I took it in so that I could go back in to the void for a longer period of time, thus I didn’t use a healing potion.

Back in the Void I continued to make lava follow a spiral path from midpoint down and from mid point upwards. Now it looked like a spiral going from top to bottom in a circular spherical formation. I then made the lava flow from the bottom back to the top with another spiral formation. These two layers were separated only by one mile of void space.

In this one mile of void space I had wind follow the same path as the lava blowing very strongly making the lava it self turn slightly white. Once the lava went all the way back up it then ran in to the lava that started from the top. I then enlarge the furnaces to encompass both of the lava streams to further fuel the heat and the wind in that one mile also contributed to the furnaces to burn even more brightly and whiter with a small hint of a strand of blue that appeared very rarely.

I then expanded the flow of lava connecting the spirals with each other by layer. So in all I had a sphere of spiraling lava spinning one-way and the other way. So imagine a planet spinning on an axis with the exterior layer spinning one way while the interior layer spinning the other way.

Satisfied with the work, I started working on an entirely new sphere that was going to be inside of this furnace except it was only going to be 5000 miles away instead of 100000, water and wind and it was going to be separated by 100 miles of simple earth element or compressed dirt in other words.

I could tell this was going to take time. I also wanted to increase the outer layer of the lava to also be 100 miles as well as an ice layer at 5000 miles to also be 100 miles thick.

Suddenly I began to regain conscious ness. It was hard to do all that with all the pain in the body but somehow I could tune it out.

Waking up I again noticed a few hours had passed so I once again propelled the bullet and then saw another pill float above me.

Stupak: adfef adfetefef… Eat… kadkadsfitke

I assumed he said if I continue to eat this I would soon understand what he is saying. I wonder how he is doing this.

Hence I cared not since I still had roughly 16 hours to go since my speed had slowed down. Therefore I once again swallowed the pill and in seconds passed out once again.

The burning sensation was as if it was calculated each time also burnt me severely.

Every time I passed out I worked on my soul protection and continued to build the spheres that I had in my mind.

After passing out like 10 times and constantly eating those pill I once again passed out except this time it was from the stopping impact. Since I was still going roughly 1000 miles per hour.

I found a suitable spot within the blizzard to keep me slightly cool and continued to work on my so-called soul protection spheres.

Regaining consciousness I opened the rear hatch and hot lava flowed in. I could breath quite easily in this lava and it wasn’t as hot as the shell of the bullet and the bullet was stuck to the ground layer of Adamantium. The impact left not even a scratch on the bullet but it was still able to dig in slightly in to the Adamantium ground layer.

By this time I was out and holding on to the bullet made my way to the Adamantium ground. Once I reached the ground I noticed that even though the ground didn’t move the lava layer was actually passing by like a calm river. Even though the lava layer was all around me, and it was moving it didn’t displace the bullet and me because I had compensated for this during the entry in to the lava.

Now on the ground I noticed that the bullet was lodged in pretty well so If I took it out the lava wasn’t strong enough to blow me away with the current. I also noticed the gravitation was much stronger then on the surface. Hence I dug around the bullet but before dislodging it I checked its stats.


Indestructible Adamantium Bullet

Size: 5 x 10 centimeters.

Damage: 5000 Piercing Damage

Blacksmithing Info:

Composition: Raw Adamantium Form

Melting Point: 10,000 Fahrenheit


Can be maneuvered using Mana must maintain contact.

Has no stopping mechanism.


Guess I can use it as submarine. Oh and it seems I can see additional information since my observation was mastered and perhaps because I have unique skills for Blacksmithing.

Anyway lets remove this bullet and store it. The lid of this bullet was hanging on a small chain that connected the insides of the hatch and the inside of the bullet.

Storing the bullet I began to dig at that point where the bullet was lodged in. Mining that area out was not hard but slow. It wasn’t a fused layer of Adamantium rather it was huge chunks of Adamantium stuck together. I transported them to the ore to the Void.

I will have to negotiate for this Adamantium. Thus I started to dig the size of this hole was exactly 6 centimeters where my shoulders where 5 centimeters wide.

I had taken me 3 years once again. With my routine of talking with Amelia through the cellphone I kept her up to date on things that were happening. She told me that another group of 4 people made it to the central chamber and one adventurer chose to go to my stairwell. When I checked the schematics it seemed as if he was already gone. Same with the real world I kept our garden maintained and chatted with my extended family.

I am now only 10 miles away from the edge of this Adamantium layer. The tunnel behind me is filled with orange lava. Currently the sight before me was as if looking through a window. The Adamantium glowed so much that it was nearly transparent and see through. Just what kind of heat was this in front of me?

I erased the transfer circle that I previously placed further up in the tunnel and placed it right at this point 10 miles away from the blue lava. The tunnel-digging machine was only at the depth of 30,000 miles it still had nearly 70,000 miles to go. While thinking for a bit I figured that I would transport the blue lava in to my void space while making it an active storage transfer.

That way I could use this supper heated lava to make another spherical barrier that would protect my soul.

It was probably going to take several years for me to accumulate the sum I needed to span a 10 miles radius blue lava sphere around me. Since the supply was going to be on a scale of only 5 centimeters thick.

Then another thought popped in my head that I could make a 1-meter tunnel from this point on, that would supply me with much more blue lava then this tiny whole would give me. Since the rest of the 14,990 miles of this tunnel was only 6 centimeters wide it was not risky in the least.

Thus I expanded the tunnel to one meter in diameter and placed the transfer circle on active in this one-meter wide tunnel. After I entered the void I moved the transfer circle 10 miles away from me. Once I open up the tunnel to blue lava I was going to enter immediately and guide the blue lava in a spherical formation around me.

I placed the transfer circle several meters to the front of the 6 centimeters hole and activated it. The plan was that if the blast were so strong that it sent me flying backwards I would hopefully hit the wall behind me and not enter the miniscule hole. The reason I could mine a 1-meter wide tunnel without running around like crazy was because the handle of the pickax was extendable.

I had another thought. What if the Elder after this assignment decided to erase the transfer point using the schematics and forbid me to enter the tunnel. So hence I need to place one of those points past the reach of his schematics. Pulling up the schematics I noticed that they stopped at about 1 meter past the Adamantium Wall.

Just how was I going to do it? The pressure will be astronomical but I really want to be able to get out there.

Zen: I GOT IT!!!!!